Should any calamity befall you or your family that changes your situation to one of survival, do you know what to do, where to go, how to get there, what to do once you get there, how to provide for yourself and loved ones or what you will need and how much? Most lack the forethought to plan ahead and prepare themselves for any likelihood other then a flat tire, and even then only because the automobile factory placed it in the vehicle for them. Feel free to read, experiment and improvise what I have put on this site to potentially help you one day.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


I came across this deal at my local T.J.MAXX store( a lifeline home emergency kit that contains:

1)a 911 emergency lifeline telephone (even though the majority of households use cell phones as their primary means of communication, houses and apartments still have phone jacks in the walls and even if you do not have a land line phone plan, your phone jacks still allow for 911 calls only which is where this phone comes in handy should your phone not be handy or low on power in the event of an emergency and it even comes with the necessary cords for installation)

2)a survival whistle which has other then the whistle a thermometer, a compass, and a magnifying glass for medical purposes or to start a fire.

3)a dynamo hand crank low level light led flashlight for those sudden blackouts.

4)and lastly a battery powered with hand crank power back up manually tunable AM/FM radio with extendable antenna with a flashlight as well, and all on sale for $12 which is not more then the cost of a dynamo flashlight alone.

This is a great kit to have available in your home just in case to use during the next blackout or weather emergency or to use as part of one's bug out bag or survival geocache.