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Saturday, March 5, 2011


How to make simple cordage
Simple bow strings are essentially braided cordage--the same process is used to make both rope and Flemish strings. The ability to braid a bow string is a valuable tool for the self-reliant archer, but it can also be used in any number of environments that requires improvised cordage, including camping, survival situations and even craft making. Choose a good quality fiber for making a bow string, such as Dacron, Brownell's B-50 material or artificial sinew.


Things You'll Need:

Quality string/green bark strips/cloth strips ect...

Cut 12 strands of string fiber(dental floss),3 strips of green bark or 3 strips cloth to the desired length. Note that the string will length will be somewhat shorter than the length of the fibers due to the twisting process involved. For a bow string, cut your fibers 5 inches longer than the length of your bow.

Grasp the fibers 2 inches from their ends with two fingers on your left hand. Separate the long ends of the fibers into two groups of six fibers.

Twist one group of fibers clockwise with your right thumb and forefinger. While holding these twisted fibers, grasp the other group with your free right-hand fingers and pull it counterclockwise under the twisted bundle. Slide your
left-hand fingers up slightly to hold the twist in place.

Take the untwisted bundle in your right hand and twist it clockwise as you did in Step 3. Still holding this bundle, reach and pull the other fibers counterclockwise beneath it. Slide your left-hand fingers forward again.

Repeat Steps 3 and 4 until you have braided the desired length of string to be used as rope or latching. Knot off the ends for cordage or tie slip knots to use as a simple bow string.